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Morphii is patented to do one critical thing - Capture and Quantify the Intensity of Qualitative, Subjective Experiences.


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Story of Morphii

The original idea of Morphii was to invent a unique communication tool.  Our passion for this invention was to create a way for people to authentically express themselves, and feel heard AND understood.
This tool would help people easily communicate their feelings, moods, and other subjective experiences.
Like a patient trying to tell their counselor how they have been feeling (anxious, sad, confused, and more).
A stroke victim being able to communicate with their family.
A child sharing their emotions around bullying, and other things going on in their world.
Our invention needs to be EASY and fun, so that not only do people WANT to share, but they also share MORE. So we intentionally designed morphiis to be engaging, so that people can simply adjust the graphical images to report the type and INTENSITY of their experiences.
When our CEO, Julie Moreland, reflected on this idea back in 2015, she envisioned its business applications and how massive the impact could be beyond the initial idea. She, along with Chairman Achenbach, saw its potential and made the investments needed to kick off the company. They asked themselves, who wouldn't want to hear more from their customers, employees, users, or patients? This application would be designed entirely agnostic to language, culture, age, and technology.
Expanding on this hypothesis, Julie assembled a rock star team consisting of Michael Wright, Jay Bredenberg, and Bill Freeman to launch Morphii. Their collective efforts and thousands of hours resulted in the creation of early product prototypes, establishing the foundation for something genuinely groundbreaking.  The business model is built as “Software as a Service” (SaaS).
This year brought thousands of hours dedicated to research and development, market testing, validation of individual morphiis, as well as, road shows to secure significant funding to bring our vision to life.
We also marked a pivotal step as we established and celebrated our first office for Vizbii on King Street.
A Momentous year for us!    
Our Patent is approved for "Using adjustable graphics to report & quantify subjective experiences".
Patent #9,959,011 - Issued May 1, 2018
Throughout the year, Morphii is live and working big time to deliver value for our early adopters and major global brands!
We grew the rock star team with Liz Gurley, Neil Roa and Greg Brainard.
Morphii is Experiencing Rapid Growth and Value Delivery! Morphii is proving that it can provide not only MORE engagement for capturing feedback and highly accurate data but also provide a differentiator for our first clients in their markets. The team, including our dynamic duo executive leadership team promoted Morphii at events like Dig South.
While we all practically “lived” in the King Street Office during this time, our four-legged family members joined in to show off our SWAG, with the Baby Onesies proving to be a HUGE hit.
2020 - 2022
Covid changed everything!  Amidst all the challenges during this time, one benefit for Morphii is that almost all communications are now digital and created demand for better tools.  We needed to efficiently rebuild our momentum from 2019, so we hired DHC (an experienced IT firm in Atlanta), formed a distribution relationship with RavenCSI (an early stage survey platform), and hired TWIF Marketing to build a WordPress Plugin.
2020 - 2022
These efforts started paying off in late 2022 with the closing of the largest project in the company’s history with SCBBO and the first project to be Software “SaaS” AND Services!
We continued to expand our expertise with Dr. Haudek, Dr. Harmon and Dr. Petrosso.
5 Months to design, build and launch the massive SCBBO broadband survey including Citadel Cadets helping with the mandatory paper access to the survey for residents who don’t have internet.  Major success with 18,000 surveys collected with over 70% completion rates using Morphii to make it more engaging!
This was also a period where we were still expanding our team and welcomed Gerard White as acting CRO and Dawn Holly as Sr. Advisor, thereby strengthening our team with strategic leadership and expertise.
We kicked off the year with a bang with hiring both The Humanize Group and Strategy Insights to drive our outbound social and sales strategies for rapid growth.  We’ve transitioned to a SaaS plus Services model to deliver true turnkey solutions for design, implementation (both process and technology) and analysis for AI/ML strategies for those companies that need this support in addition to the power of Morphii!
Stay Tuned for Major News!

Meet the people bringing morphiis to life

At our core, we’re an unit of scientists, developers, marketers, analysts and SaaS operators united by a shared passion for innovation. Our mission? To bring innovative, engaging communication tools to the digital world-across all channels, industries and disciplines.
CEO / Board Member

Julie Moreland

VP Operations

Elaine Whitfield

Acting CRO

Gerard White

Executive Business Advisor

Dawn Holly Johnson

The Humanize Group

Archita Prahladka

DHC Digital Services

Fred Jakobsen

DHC Digital Services

Todd Carlton

TWIF Marketing

Robert Velarde

Sr. Advisor, R&D Research

Christy Petrosso, Ph.D.

Sr. Advisor, R&D Research

Greg Haudek, Ph.D.

Sr. Advisor, R&D Research

Emily Harmon, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board

Jesse Achenbach

Board Member

Steven Pierdon, MD, MMM

Board Member

Denny Hardock

Board Member

Bob McConnell

Board Advisor

Bill Freeman