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Meet Morphii® – Your Competitive Advantage

Morphii is the most innovative ENGAGEMENT TOOL …Engaging MORE people & Accurately Capturing MORE of their experiences.

It was created to help you provide better experiences and build stronger relationships with your customers, users, employees and patients.
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The Morphii Impact

2 - 4x
More Commentary

Completion Rates

> 60%

3 Categories of Products & Services

Morphii Widget & Sample Wrappers “WIDGET” (HTML & Java Not Dependent on 3rd party)

Plug & Play Survey Platform with Morphii WIDGET & LIBRARY fully integrated (via our Partnership with RavenCSI)
Morphii Best Practice Question Library “LIBRARY” is continually expanding providing over 100 pre-developed questions & response options to expedite onboarding & ensure consistency of data for your reporting.

Library covers experiences of Customers, Brand, Employee Engagement/DEI, User Navigation, Patients, Content & much more.
Onboarding services are standard for all customers as outlined in our Proven Process Step 1 below.  We ensure you get off to a GREAT start for success!

Turnkey Technology services for those who don’t want to “self-implement” the WIDGET and need support (via our Partnership with DHC who will scope and deliver what you need to integrate Morphii!)

3-Step PROVEN Process
of Implementation


Which Morphii Best Practice Questions are best suited for your audience (Customer, Employees) and what you need to know (Recent Experience, Feeling Heard)
What is the frequency of feedback & how to best reach them
(Email, On Demand on a Web Page, SMS Text, QR Code)
What Platform to use (Proprietary, 3rd Party, Plug & Play) and do you want to self-implement or have some support


Create proposal based on Step 1 and implementation plan and timeframe is established for launch.  Launch can be as short as a few days if RavenCSI Survey Platform is being used.


We set up a quarterly cadence to monitor results and make adjustments as needed to optimize the value of Morphii.

Example of some of the LIBRARY questions we will choose from:

Customer Experience

Employee Experience

Employee Experience/DEI


How we will reach them & frequency:

(Email, On Demand on a Web Page, SMS Text, QR code)

On Demand Web-Page

Link in Email/SMS Text

QR Code on Flyer/Signage


We will collaborate with you to determine which technology is best to support your initiatives

(Survey Plug & Play, Widget with Turnkey Support of Self-Implementation)

Survey Platform

Plug and Play
Via Partner: Raven CSI


Turnkey Implementation
Via Technology Partner: DHC


Self Implementation using Documentation & Wrappers
Starter code Wrappers available for:
Ease of Direct Widget Implementation
Integrating Morphii into a SaaS application like RavenCSI was a straightforward process that involved creating a location to store result data and mapping interactive element access to the UI workflow.
Morphii components are well documented, require no third-party software, and adhere to normal web standards.

Lee Camblin, Head of Product Development

Architecture for SEAMLESS Integration of the Widget

If you choose to “Self Implement” the Widget, the Architecture grid and Developer Resources are found below:


Your Web App uses the Morphii® Services to render morphiis associated with a question on the page.


When the user is done, the Web App submits the morphii® reaction. This is done calling a function provided by the Morphii® Service.


As a response the Web App receives back the morphii® response information (type of emotion and intensity).


The Web App transmits the morphii® response and other data captured to your platform to be processed.


The morphii® response information is persisted in your database(s) for further aggregation and analysis. Your platform controls how the data is stored and secured.


Your end users will use your App Dashboard to view results, including the morphii® results. This allows you to keep the user in your system without them going somewhere else to see the morphii® results.


The morphii® responses are queried alongside other significant metrics from your database.

Morphii Widget Developer Resources

And we will work hard to exceed your expectations!

Morphii Research Partner

It’s as if using Morphii to express the intensity of their feelings made respondents think more critically about their experience, and want to tell us more.

Morphii Research Partner
Candace Hassinger, MS, SPHR

Our response rate jumped from 16 to 84% with our first survey using Morphii preferred platform partner RavenCSI.

Nemacolin Director of Continuous Improvement
Brian Boyette

Morphii's track record for outperforming other experience scales and methodologies on engagement, and its ability to expedite and enhance predictive capabilities made the decision to move forward an easy one.

CEO, Raven CSI
Patricia Houston

Morphii not only provides reliable insights - it fulfills an obligation to make the feedback process more engaging and efficient for respondents, while providing stakeholders with a competitive market differentiator that is simple and cost-effective to deploy using existing technology channels.

ExperienceBuilt GroupFounder & COO
Jamie Thompson

Morphii not only drastically improved survey engagement, it enabled us to do what every company desires to do; link emotional responses to behavior – allowing us to prioritize and focus spend where it mattered most to our customers.

CX Practitioner, Global Telecom
Morphii Research Partner

Cross-cultural CX research presents unique contextual challenges. Unhindered by language barriers and variations in dialect, Morphii outperformed other qualitative measures to capture emotion in a recent study conducted in both Mexico & Brazil.

Morphii Research Partner
Morphii Research Partner

Conducting research with kids can be difficult. Often, they don't have the vocabulary, or they struggle to communicate their emotions effectively. Morphii provides the tools they need to overcome language obstacles and select nuanced expressions, while opening the door for rich, meaningful descriptions of their experience that go well beyond the surface-level verbatims and responses we typically extract. The kids tell us that Morphii is easier to understand and a lot more fun - and we have to agree.

Morphii Research Partner